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I remade then deleted then remade then deleted then remade again.

Just another university student forever thirsting for the Niall waterfalls.


what are music elitists going to do now that paul mccartney has said one direction is talented


for someone with the least talent in the boyband you’d think louis would act a little less pretentious 


Why I need feminism in six easy screenshots.


vanessa hudgens wears flower crowns and cool sandals and crop tops and goes to music festivals with her hot boyfriend that is how i want to live


OOOH look at me i love tea and cats and sweaters oooh i dont brush my hair and everything bad that happens to me is other people’s fault i’m so much better than the girl who goes clubbing and prefers soda and mini skirts ooooh at least im not like her im so much more content being an unhappy whiny little wallflower ooooh books and coffee and thrift stores im unique


new zealands entire government is made up of a herd of sheep. they stand on each others shoulders and use a large coat to look like a person. dont be fooled


oh my god

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when you tell a girl that you’re gay and then she begins telling you shit like:

“omg, you should totally go out with that guy, he’s gay too!”




“Ugh, all the hot guys are gay!”


“oh my god, I’ve always…